Power Studies

Power Studies & Power Quality Analysis

Save Time, Money and Headaches.

If you’re in the planning stages of your operation or expanding your system, a nonlinear load power study by a VeeArc specialist will help prevent unforeseen problems with the power company. For emergencies or other power-related production delays, call VeeArc for a power quality analysis that will help you find the source of the problem and correct it. Our experience of industries and their interaction with power grids includes:

Power Studies

  • Electric Arc Furnaces
  • Plating operations
  • Welding operations
  • Aluminum manufacturing
  • General Metal Fabrication
  • Steel Mills
  • Chemicals & Plastic manufacturing
  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • Plastic Extrusion
  • Automobile Recycling
  • Rubber Recycling
  • Pulp Recycling
  • Paper Recycling
  • Mining

Prevent unforeseen problems with a power study

A power study will determine the impact of the proposed system on the local power grid. You provide us with the equipment specifications and the characteristics of the application and load. We solicit the information we need about the local power grid and the power quality standards they use.

We’ll gather data from your facility’s equipment and devices connected to the system, then model your equipment on the local power grid to determine potential problem areas.

The Report

The report we provide you shows all the data you need for discussions and negotiations with the power company. It will be clear if your project is within the standards. If not, you will have the information you need to redesign your system to meet the standards.

    The report includes:
  • A power single line diagram of the facility
  • Flicker analysis
  • Our findings compared to power quality standards
  • Recommendations for meeting IEEE and local utility power quality standards in the most cost effective manner

Solve current problems with a power analysis

If you’re experiencing a problem with power distribution or load changes, call us. Our engineers have traveled worldwide to seek out the source of flickers, abnormal voltage fluctuation and current distortion, plus a host of other issues. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, but you just can’t locate the source of the problem.

Drawing on our vast and varied experience, and using the appropriate measuring and modeling tools, we’ll determine the source and provide solutions, so that you can get back on track.