On-site Field Service

Our technicians travel worldwide to get drives, systems and controllers back to full function. If you don’t need us on-site, we have a variety of in-house return, exchange, express and repair programs to suit your time requirements. We offer Onsite Repair for AC and DC Drive services, Preventative Maintenance, and Power Studies.

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On-Site Drive Repair

AC and DC Variable speed motor drives control most operating equipment regardless of industry and location. Drive failures can be costly, especially when repairs by major manufacturers can have long lead times. We inspect an AC or DC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) unit for defects by using a complex series of tests and industrial application simulations. As authorized and qualified service providers, our technicians will respond and resolve your issue quickly to get your drives, systems and controllers back to full function.


Protect your operation by our Preventative Maintenance Service and don’t lose productivity caused by an unexpected failure of your Drives or your complete system. VeeArc offers comprehensive on-site preventative maintenance services for AC / DC variable frequency drives and for complete Systems. VeeArc will visit your site, clean, test and inspect your drives and system for correct functionality.


VeeArc offers standard and specialized power system studies plus pre- and post- installation power quality audits to precisely target and help correct power issues. These studies will help optimize your power systems performance and improve safety. Studies are performed by professional engineers and in accordance with applicable industry standards from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the National Electrical Code (NEC). VeeArc specializes in low and medium voltage power systems.