Siemens Simoreg DC Master Converter 6RA7025-6GS22-0


Simoreg Dc Master Converter With Microprocessor For Single-Quadrant Drives Connection B6C Input: 3-Phase Ac 575V, 50A Controllable Field Rectifier D690/60 Mre-Gee6S22 Output: Dc 690V, 60A Output Us-Rating:Dc690V, 15A Field-Inp. 460V,-Outp. 375V,10A

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SKU 6RA7025-6GS22-0
alternate SKU 6RA70256GS220
Manufacturer ID N/A
Common Misspellings N/A
Manufacturer Siemens
Filter by Product Family N/A
Compatible Model Siemens 6RA70 DC Masterdrive and Power Module