Siemens Robicon 454 GT AC Motor Drive

Siemens Robicon 457925.460CT Drive Repairs, Replacement Parts, and Servicing


The 454 GT Siemens Robicon Drive is a series of adjustable speed, low-voltage AC motor drives available from 3 hp to 800 hp.  Drives in the Robicon series provide an efficient, cost effective and reliable method of adjusting the speed of an AC induction motor. These Siemens Robicon 454 GT Drive units contain a wide range of features that allow it to be used for many types of industrial applications.

Siemens Robicon 457925.460CT Drive Parts

Though the sizes of the Robicon 454 units may vary, the 457925.460CT shares key components common in all of the drives including:

  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Input Power Connectors
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Input Power Fuses
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Input Line Reactors
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Input Rectifier Circuits
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Input Precharge SCR
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT DC Bus Capacitors
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Microprocessor Circuit Board
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Keypad Display Module
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Gate Drive Interface Board
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Power IGBT Modules
  • Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Output Power Connectors

Due to the fact most of the drives in this series are obolete please call or contact us regarding the availability of these parts

Siemens Robicon 454 GT 457925.460CT Drive Repairs

In addition to stocking possible replacement parts, we also service and repair robicon drives.  This may be a good option if you need analysis as to why your Robicon drive isn't working, if replacement parts are no longer available, or if you simply want to extend the life of your Siemens Robicon Drive.

Please call us or contact us using the form on this page for more information about our Siemens Robicon Drive Repair Services.

More Information
SKU 457925.460CT
alternate SKU N/A
Manufacturer ID N/A
Common Misspellings N/A
Manufacturer Robicon
Compatible Model 457925.460 Robicon 454 GT
Dimensions Chassis - 51x17x20 (inches)
Drive with Options - 54x30x21 (inches)
Drive with Bypass - 72x30x20 (inches)
Input Voltage 460/480 VAC
Model N/A
Amps Out - Variable Torque 330
Amps Out - Constant Torque 300
Pulse Type CD: 6-Pulse