Simodrive Converter Systems

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Siemens Simodrive Converter Systems

The Simodrive Line Is a great drive that can step your machine up to maximum productivity.

We have replacment parts for the Simodrive 611 a converter system with the following properties:

  • is a modular transistor pulse-controlled converter

  • is a compact system for several axis as well as drive combination solutions

  • can be flexibly adapted to the area of application thanks to its modules

  • is adaptable to every motor with its performance modules

  • can be implemented with analog or digital setpoint interface with closed-loop plug-in units

  • is the system with common mains supply modules

  • can be expanded whenever required

We also have parts and pieces for the Simovert Posmo A,  an intelligent, decentralized positioning motor (75W drive) on the PROFIBUS DP. This motor takes drive technology to a new level of performance with its consistently decentralized concept.