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Hops and Bots, Let’s have a drink

Alcohol! The cause of, and soloution to, all of life's problems.

--Homer Simpson

Many new technologies are being implemented in the brewing process to produce the finest and most consistent brews in the craft beer market.

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Hold Your Horses

Vin and Duck

Some of the guys in the shop remember seeing "The Fast and the Furious" more than 15 years ago. It was awesome then and it's awesome now!

It's maybe the perfect summer movie. Vin Diesel, great action, and most of all cars, MUSCLE CARS

With a ton of power, these cars go fast. At some point, however, they need to stop. That's where you need a high performing braking systems.

The same concept applies to dynamic braking systems

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Your Drives Are Safe with Us

Drive SafetyAt VeeArc we care about your drives and aim to provide a safe working environment for the sensitive electronics that your company depends on. Our state-of-the-art repair shop ensures the correct handling of your equipment so you can rest assured that devices are functional right out of the package once you receive your repaired shipment.

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What Makes A Factory Smart?

Drive Fire

I recently heard that a Roman from the 1st century A.D. would find a lot in common with the technology and daily life of the English from the 17th century. And that daily life sounded pretty rough.

For centuries, the English diet consisted mostly of dark rye bread and porridge, with very little meat. As a rule, Europeans ate few fruits or vegetables, believing they could cause disease, depression, and flatulence.

Most people were illiterate and rarely bathed. Their idea of healthcare was that physical suffering from an illness was God’s divine way of purifying the soul.

The Industrial Revolution changed the world drastically and continues to evolve. We're pretty excited to be part of that change, and excited to work in and with "Smart Factorys"

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Can Math Be Painful?

Math ChalkboardI’m back as an undergraduate for my Bachelor’s degree.

Have I prepared myself for what is to come when it comes to Math? I hope so. I loved and still love math, but I will have to admit that the fear is still there and the anxiety kicks in with just the thought of doing it at an advanced level

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