Get Up, Stand Up. It's Good for Your Life!

One of the reasons why I love to be a field engineer is that it keeps me active throughout the day by walking, climbing, crawling into small compartments to reach customers equipment (at times) and carrying heavy equipment, tools and supplies. There are occasions that we remain standing for most of the day which helps me stay healthy. However, when we are not in the field we take on the responsibilities of a bench technician; where we work on implementing new testing procedures and finalize service reports. We also do in-house repairs and customer service by providing tech support, and we perform most of these duties while sitting down at our desk.

According to Blue365 (Blue Cross & Blue Shield) we spend an average of 13 hours a day sitting. From the minute we wake up and get ready, we sit down to eat breakfast, we then get in our car and sit all the way to work (30min-commute for me) and sit while at work. We then have lunch while seated and spend our break sitting down before we finish out the day by rushing home, just so we can sit back down and enjoy our favorite TV shows.

Sitting for a very long time has been found to increase the risk of developing illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and type 2-diabetes. Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic has gone as far as stating that sitting is more dangerous than smoking.

Drive Safety

Veearc LLC is doing their part to implement a proactive way of sitting less by providing Standing Work Stations. These work stations can help us by taking a break from sitting and let us perform our job duties while standing. The benefits of a standing desk include a reduced risk of obesity, lower blood sugar levels and a lower long-term mortality risk based on findings.

Other solutions to avoid sitting for a long time would be:

  • Try standing while on the phone with a customer
  • Try standing while eating lunch
  • Try walking laps while having a meeting, instead of sitting in conference room
  • While working at home we can try to set up a workstation that can be utilized while on the treadmill
  • Parking further from the main door for a longer walk to work.
  • Moving the Copier/Printer further from your desk.
  • And for those dog lovers like myself, get a dog and enjoy a walk at the park

With this post I tried to bring awareness of the negative effects of sitting for too long and what Veearc LLC is doing to help employees remain happy and healthy so we can continue working for a great company that cares for their employee’s well-being and life-expectancy.