Loose Wires Cause Devastation

Sometimes a loose wire can ruin your day!

I recently had to replace a 460V 3Phase 100A breaker at a customer site because a cable was not torqued down properly in a wire terminal. This resulted in miniature arc flash events happening every time the circuit was energized. This generated a lot of heat and carbon build up and caused severe damage to the Cable and Breaker terminal. The end result was a few costly hours of down time and several hundred dollars for a new breaker. Inspection programs are a great way to prevent problems like this.

Loose Wire Example

Simply checking terminal connections can be monotonous but as part of a good Electrical Preventative Maintenance program can save a lot of money in the long run by reducing such costly failures. The NFPA 70b is a fantastic resource for starting up an Electrical Preventative Maintenance program at your facility.