I weeennnnttt tooooo the Danger-zone!!

As a Field Service Technician I travel to many different types of industrial facilities each with their own safety standards and regulations. The first thing I try to pick up on is; where are the hazardous areas? And how can I avoid them?

Most manufacturing facilities use floor tape or painted lines on the floor to differentiate various zones and personnel traffic areas. Knowing what color the DANGER or Hazardous areas are marked with is very important to your life expectancy as a Field Service Technician. However there are currently no government-mandated regulations regarding Floor tape color codes.

Hazard Indicator

Most Companies go with a traffic light approach:

  • Red is Stop! Direct Danger or great importance behind this color or in this zone.
  • Yellow is Caution, be aware of your surroundings, usually outlining raw materials, forklift or foot traffic lanes and loading zones.
  • Green is safe, often used to mark off completed goods or products ready to ship, and sometimes placed around safety equipment.
  • Hashed colors such as Yellow and Black can be imagined as a flashing caution traffic light alerting you to more direct hazards.

Several organizations have created color guidelines, including OSHA and ANSI but there are no mandated official rules.

I’ve included some links to articles related to those mentioned guidelines. So do yourself a favor and avoid these proverbial lines in the sand and don’t go to the danger zone!