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We inspect a AC or DC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) unit for defects by using a complex series of tests and industrial application simulations. If we find any defects or there are any VFD unit specifications that are out of the manufacturer specified tolerance range, we investigate and repair them. We then retest for function and if everything passes our comprehensive test procedures we then thoroughly clean the drive and get it back in service. We generally test a Variable Frequency Drive Unit by connecting it to a power matched size motor and dynamically loading the motor to make sure the Drive Unit can handle the current and torque requirements specified by the VFD unit’s nameplate.

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AC and DC Variable speed motor drives control most operating equipment regardless of industry and location. Drive failures can be costly, especially when repairs by major manufacturers can have long lead times. As authorized and qualified service providers, our technicians can respond more quickly with a combination of in-shop component-level repair, and refurbishment services or field service, inspections, and preventative maintenance.


VeeArc specializes in the repair of elevator motor systems. We focus on Solid State Starters, Elevator Controllers & Elevator Power Units. We’ll fix your soft start in our shop! VeeArc repairs down to the component level, following manufacturers’ specifications and procedures. The benefits are reduced maintenance costs & potential nuisance issues, increased electrical efficiency, quieter & smoother operation, and the elimination of damage from electrical spikes.


Well-designed industrial and manufacturing facilities can operate efficiently for years until reliability becomes an issue. It’s no surprise when primary industrial equipment or tools can continue indefinitely while electrical service, distribution, motors and/or drive equipment no longer operate reliably or within design specifications. VeeArc offers a range of services from parts and repairs to complete turnkey upgrades to return your facilities to optimal, efficient operation.