In-House Repairs

In-House Repairs

In-House Repairs

Warranty Service

- Drive Products

We are an authorized repair center of products and parts for Siemens. We are the only official service provider in the US authorized to cover your manufacturer’s warranty. We can handle your manufacturer’s warranty claims at zero cost to you.

- Manufacturer Trained Repair Experts

Just like our parts and products, our service is of the highest quality. Our technicians are manufacturer-trained and ready to repair or refurbish your product with original spare parts and manufacturer test equipment and specifications. You can trust their recommendations — they’ve been there.

- In-House or On-Site service

Our field service technicians travel worldwide to get drives, systems and controllers back to full function, so distance is not an issue. If you don’t need us on-site, check out our variety of in-house return, exchange, express and repair programs to suit your time requirements.

- Reduced Voltage Soft Starts

The best technicians and service you can get, we are available 24-7-365! Just call us at 815-261-4333

Repair Options

VeeArc offers three basic repair solutions to meet your requirements: Repair and Return, Repair Express and Repair Exchange. If you are replenishing your spares stock, in an emergency situation or if you have a component that is uneconomical to repair, VeeArc has a program for you.

Repair and Return

This program is designed to repair items that don't need to be fixed immediately.  In these cases, VeeArc will repair and return your part, typically within 10 working days.

Repair "Rush" Services

If you are in an emergency situation and VeeArc does not have a re-manufactured part in stock, you can request an express repair of your part. Repair Express orders are typically completed within 24 hours of receipt. VeeArc charges an additional $250 for this service. In the event that we miss the 24 hour target, you will not be charged the additional $250 fee.

Repair Exchange

VeeArc maintains a large stock of re-manufactured circuit boards and assemblies. If you have a part that’s defective, and we have that part in stock, we’ll make an exchange: We’ll ship out its re-manufactured replacement that day.

When you receive this functional exchange part from VeeArc, you’ll ship us the defective part, using the packaging provided with your functional exchange part.

Note that we must receive your defective part in our facility no later than 20 days after the original transaction. If your defective part cannot be repaired or if it is received after 20 days from the original transaction date, we will contact you to determine if you want the part scrapped at our facility, repaired or returned to you.

We’ll invoice you at the list price of the re-manufactured part. Then, when your defective part is received, inspected and deemed repairable, we’ll credit your account with the difference between the purchase list price and repair list price. We’ll quote exact prices to you the day you order. *Click here for complete terms and conditions*