About VeeArc

For the past 50 years VeeArc has served the North American market with quality products and services.  As times and technology have changed, our expertise and capabilities have expanded and deepened. Now serving industries with automatic controllers and medical imaging worldwide, our client list runs from the small and local to the vast and global, including:

  • Assembly plants
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Chemical & plastic manufacturing
  • Steel mills
  • Metal and plastic extrusion
  • Recycling
  • Many more — ask us


We have three facilities right here in the U.S., with two more in Turkey and Germany. All are fully stocked with original parts and products.What isn’t on hand immediately, we’ll get for you. We will either replace or repair your defective equipment quickly and to your satisfaction.

Personalized Committed Service

Besides quality parts, it takes the right people to make those machines start humming again, and a single phone call to one of our staff will convince you that you’ve found the right people, right here.

Our manufacturer-trained technicians have unique, practical knowledge of industry design, applications and products. Their main focus is to put it all to work for you.

The VeeArc customer service reps have an uncanny knowledge of the ins and outs of repairs, parts and products.  They’re great communicators who learn all they can about our customers, and pride themselves in getting you the support you want, when you need it.

Growing capabilities, continued quality and support

With our network of partners, VeeArc is expanding our capabilities to new markets. As we do so, we continue to educate ourselves on the latest developments in the industry — and are committed to using that knowledge to support our customers.

Questions? Please contact us!

  • Phone: 815-261-4333
  • Toll Free: 800-292-1220
  • Email: sales@veearcdrives.com