6SE7032-6TG50-Z+C43+F01+G44+G91+K01+K11+K80 Siemens Masterdrive 260A Motion Cntr

Siemens Masterdrive 260AMP 110kW 510-620VDC Motion Control Chassis with several upgrades

Siemens Masterdrive 260AMP 110kW 510-620VDC Motion Control (Chassis) With Several Options (C43=SBM2 Sensor Board for Multiturn Encoder, P/N: 6SX7010-0FE00, F01=Technology Option Enabled in CUVC Board, P/N: 6SW1700-5AD00-1XX0, G41=SLB Simolink Board, P/N:6SX7010-0FJ00, G95=CBP2 Profibus Board, P/N: 6SX7010-0FF05, K01=ADB Adapter Board, P/N: 6SE7090-0XX84-0KA0, K11=LBA Local Bus Adapter, P/N: 6SE7090-0XX84-4HA0, K80 = Safe Stop Board, P/N: 6SE7090-0XX84-1HK0).

Alternate Part # of Drive with All Pre-Installed Option is A6X30001420.

MPN 6SE7032-6TG50-Z+C43+F01+G44+G91+K01+K11+K80 Note: Photos may not represent the exact unit. Please email us at sales@veearcdrives.com if you'd like pictures of the exact unit

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SKU 6SE7032-6TG50-Z+C43+F01+G44+G91+K01+K11+K80
alternate SKU 6SE70326TG50Z+C43+F01+G44+G91+K01+K11+K80
Manufacturer ID N/A
Common Misspellings 6SE7o32-6TG5o, 6SE7o32 6TG5o, 6SE7o326TG5o, 6SE70326TG50, 6SE7032 6TG50
Manufacturer Siemens
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Compatible Model Siemens 6SE70 Masterdrive