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How VeeArc can help you

VeeArc has the tools, ability, and experience to accurately diagnose problems and perform in-house repair and on site field service on drives and controls. Our resources include manuals, guides, and schematics which give us the advantage when it comes to troubleshooting and repair.

Our reputable experts have extensive knowledge of many OEM controls, including Siemens and ABB and many have experience and relationships directly with manufacturers. Our technicians also have the skills to repair AC & DC drives, braking choppers and rectifiers and we also repair down to the component level. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle all of your parts and service needs.

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Industrial Drive and Circuit Board Repair Services

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Our Industrial Drive and Circuit Board Repair Services will help you get the most from your initial investment

Save money by repairing your drives and boards!

We are an authorized OEM repair facility.  Our manufacturer trained technicians can prolong with the useful life of your current drive.  We offer quick Turn-Around Times by stocking many repair components and most of our repairs are complete within ten business days.  We also offer an expedited repair service if requested.

In-house or on-site service!

Our technicians travel worldwide to get drives, systems and controllers back to full function. If you don’t need us on-site, we have a variety of in-house return, exchange, express and repair programs to suit your time requirements.  We offer Onsite Repair for AC and DC Drive services, Preventative Maintenance, and Power Studies.

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Onsite Service & Repair for AC and DC Drive services, Preventative Maintenance , and Power Studies.

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Our Specialties

Service and Repairs

Air Compressor Drives

VeeArc has been repairing Air Compressor AC Drives for over 25 years. VeeArc can help you manage your costs and extend the life of your existing Air Compressor drives with:

  • Drive Repair with 12 month warranty
  • Spare Parts
  • Field Service
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Reconditioning
  • Life extension
  • Commissioning

Air Compressor Drive Brochure

Wind Turbine Drives

VeeArc is authorized and trained to repair the Wind Turbine ABB Drive Products.  We focus our repair and service on the following:

  • ACS550
  • ACS800
  • ACS880
  • DCS550
  • DCS800

Wind Turbine Drives Brochure

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Quad Plus has the expertise, experience and ability to offer a wide spectrum of engineering services and solutions.  The Quad Plus brand is made of many individual companies, each serving the customer in a different but related business segment— all with a focus on making the customers’ lives a little easier.

We believe innovation starts with the consumer.  Let us work with you and see if our wide range of engineering services can help your business.

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